30 for 30

The Luna Effect

I’m Luna. And my effect is undeniable.

Luna is the Latin word for moon and the name of the moon goddess in Roman mythology. It is also the name of a dog goddess – me. Now, usually the moon revolves around the world, but I can tell you right now, the world most certainly revolves around me.

One look at me and you will be moonstruck (see what I did there?). I was surrendered by my owners as a mere puppy, and I am still only a 7 month-old puppy. They claimed to be more pain struck than moonstruck. They didn’t like puppy behaviour. Can you believe it? Well, at that point I wasn’t much impressed by human behaviour either. Luckily for me my rescuers have done much to restore the reputation of human beings everywhere and build my confidence. I will try to forget about my first experiences, but I am still quite fearful from them, so I have a bit of a journey ahead. I love other dogs but I do tend to bark a little when I meet them. But the moon is said to make everyone a little barking. I guess the Luna effect applies to everyone, even Luna (I’m a celebrity now, so I can talk about myself in the third dog).

If you would like your life to revolve around me, then please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me!




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